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SkyEye 3X-1

SkyEye 3X-1 is an integrated gyro stabilized photoelectric observation gimbal system specially developed for the air monitoring, powerline inspection,public security, law enforcement, personnel search, and rescue and forest fire prevention.
The system uses a four-axis gyro active stabilization platform to provide high-quality stability image.
Excellent gyroscopic stability system can effectively eliminate the aircraft during the flight of the various vibration, to ensure stable images.
The SkyEye 3X-1 is equipped with a Full HD 1080P camera and high-resolution thermal imaging camera to meet the needs of long-range observation targets.
Gyro stabilization system in a variety of flight attitude, for the operator to provide a 360 ° stable field of vision.

Product Overview


  • Full HD integrated observation system, including 50x optical zoom, auto focus, high resolution and video quality. 


  • Gyro Stabilization System: High-performance gyro stabilization system can effectively isolate the helicopter flight attitude changes and vibration. 


  • Video overlay function: In the output video or images of the sensor, there is superposition of a wealth of system status information, such as time, GPS, azimuth, sensor information, etc.


  • Products from high-strength aluminum alloy and composite materials, compact structure design, can withstand harsh working conditions.


  • Target tracking function: automatically tracking targets in movement on the ground. 

Daylight Camera


Sensor Type

2/3" CMOS

Effective Pixels

2.6 Million

Video Signal



33°(near)~ 0.65° (far)


50X optical zoom

Digital Zoom




Image through The Frog


Night Vison System



System Data


System Type

Four-axis active gyro stability

LOS Angle Stabilization


Tilt Rotating Range

+15° ~-120°

Pan Rotating Range


Maximum Rotating Velocity


Maximum Rotating Acceleration




Environment Data


Operation Humidity

< 95%

Operation Temperature

-20°C ~ 55°C

Storage Temperature

 -40°C ~ 70°C


Power Supply Data



18 - 36 VDC

Power Consumption




Physical Data


GSU Weight


GSU Size (Φ x H)

Φ300mm × 281mm